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This database is intended as a useful tool and reference for use by current students of the Hollis/Brookling Middle School, allowing them access to information in electronic form that they already have in printed form. It contains only public information from printed documents issued by the school. The right to disseminate this public information freely outside of school is protected by the free speech provisions of the First Amendment.

This database is neither illegal nor unsafe.

This database exists in a private residence, entirely outside of the SAU#41 school district facilities and computer network. This school district has no jurisdiction over this site. Schools have neverhad the right to restrict or limit off-campus speech, including that on the Internet. We suggest you read the following:

The webmaster will attempt to verify that access is granted only to qualified students. The database has password protection, and passwords are provided only after requesters have accepted full responsibility for the proper use of their password.

We hope you enjoy the site!

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